Its a new do.

An exciting day.
But sick alas.
My poor lungs.
my ailing heart.

Caught up in secret squirrel business.
A funny taste in my mouth.
Lots of water, dinner made.
A light jog, skipping and the-sit-up-game.
Exhaustion. Some little drives.
Want for going to the beach.
Mindless messages from drunk girls.
Driving me stillness. Calm. Quiet.
Don’t rock my boat.
You don’t know me, or how I feel.
Stupid stupid stupid

To write that character.
Imagine their stats
Function, tasks and all that.
I found myself thinking how meaningless the conversation was.
“Relley” – a character name.
Rel. Relle. Yeller backwards, carved in the bank.
A giant slab of stone.
Automated messages, pompus people flaking over money.
Dry and dismal.
hello, how are you, sorry we can’t help you.
Noone can.
I’ll just wait for me and my card to expire.
There’s no rush; its all very functional.

Five Ways To Thirty.
Ways. Each year, a new way.
Progression, improvement, change.
Weird concepts.
I’m so privileged.
The money comes in every fortnight.
How do we get more money in?

Do you push of pull the wheelie bin?

14.2.2017. 12:10

Another Character:
Jasper Chalkman.
White, and brittle.
A man. A writer. Useful. Slightly memorable.
Coloured if you invest.

And my brother said “I was at work, I was tired, sometimes you really need to turn down the fuck.”
“TURN DOWN THE FUCKS” – 16 hours on.
don’t mind. worry not. care less. Calm down.
turn down, the fuck.
Zero fucks were given that day.
And just as much were received.

13th feb 2017. 00:09

Jasmine: Your brain makes my brain feel like its at the special olympics.
Open for interpretation.
I liked to visualize my brain with bionic legs and blades for arms.
She mended and said that she felt slow in my company, which I thought was quite plainly incorrect.

I visited the NGV.
Jedda – 1955 first Australian colour film. Also my dad’s nickname.

Word learning!
Neither hero nor anti-hero, to be: “INETTO”

A farewell, brief and to the point.
Something true and lovely, words I wish to say more.
Humbly and sadly. Acknowledging time and poignant parting.
“See you again, try to make time”.

On the 7th of Feb I remembered my online banking number.

Stephen King – Dark Tower.

I just got a message from the universe.

get this right,
I was at a party where everyone would get drunk and naked. It was strange, I wasn’t that drunk, infact I was sick and being careful.
A guy and I got chatting in the firelight about books.
His facial form had entirely changed. That drunkard brow had accosted him.
Like that time my brother took too many tablets of something, he resembled a neanderthal. Quite truly, no exaggeration. He changed.
In my eyes, in the darkness and under poor lights.
Both men suffered my true gaze of looking different.
I acknowledged the effects of alcohol, but averted my gaze, knowing that I had this mans attention, talking of books we had read.
Speaking of literature.

One thing he said that stuck that night, was the opening lines of a Stephen King novella: The Gunslinger.

I was looking up the exact quote, and unlike me, looked at the following comments.
The original quote is nice and I do love it.
“The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.” – wonderful.

But then I read on.
Looking at other kicker lines that draw the reader in.

One was from Daniel Parks, an online nobody (to me).
I’m sure he’s very important to himself. He’s from Austin, Texas. And the online forum marks him as currently reading Dune. Heck i’ve only watched the movies. Good guy Dan.
His comment is what I want to talk about!
His mention, his own favourite opener.
And what a line!
I quote him quoting: ‘”It began as a mistake.” – Charles Bukowski, Post Office’

In my bag lay the book, unopened.
Refferential material gold.
A message from a stranger.
Want and meaning collided.

Like the umbrellas I opened in the supermarket the day before meant nothing.
Now was a time for luck.
For fate, for want, freedom and choice.

I think I’ll go the the shop now.
Drive home, eat some food and go to bed to read the book.
I said i’d leave at 6.30.
“something very bad is happening somewhere in the world”
A constant feeling, if you’re in touch.
I’m OK though.
That’s what I say to people now if they write a complex message that they themself may not fully understand.
Don’t create too much, leave yourself splayed before me.
Broken brained.

ok ok ok.

What a plan.

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