Carpool lane

: restricted traffic lane exclusively reserved for the
use of vehicles with two or more occupants.

He stood holding out a sign.
“Carpool Service $10”
He wore a tie and
had short black hair.
He was picked up by lots
lots of different people.
All excessive.
An old man.
A beautiful woman with large
glasses. Polarized.
They shook and synchronized their:
A muscled man.
A goldfish woman.
A lover of tattoos
A wild blonde that checked for pimples.
All over the city he went,
saving the time of others.
meeting folks, preventing fines on a fine day.
The police drove past-
watching and watching and watching him
On his return journey home,
sitting as the sun
Fading into a glowing mood.
Darkness and the first bites of cold.
He walked, holding out his sign.
And was picked up by the beautiful woman again.
into the curb.
She leant across
unlocking the passenger door.
His heart warmed.
She smiled up at him,
leaning back
into the drivers seat.
Revealing her
full figure.
His eyes took her in
He returned her smile.
Seating himself, they
pulled away
from the curb.
and swiped by a passing truck.

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