Cold heart.

Cold heart, soft gasps.
Sobs and warm skin.
Soft moist space between
sleeve and eyes. Blubbers-
Ragged moans. Rich, raw-
On my knees, salt.
Forearms and head resting
their riot on the bed.
Scrunched up to insignificance.
The silent void between
blood, action. Stationary, shivvering.
Scratching silence eat at-
my soul. Patient thought,
The difficulty doing, nothing.
And nothingness, so garbled.
Vomited and gobbled I
gasp. gasp. gasp. gasp.
Air scorching my tear
stained cheeks. Your happy
memory, the prison memory.
regret and unspoken fears.
Death doesn’t level. Revealed.
And we revel in it,
when it does not influence.
It does, its here.
She’s here now, she’s…
here now and she’s.
I grind my teeth.
Remember and remember. Remember?
Think. Ok? Think! Ok.
Everything we shared.
The skin and bones,
“oh god”
A sinking, tied feeling.
I could be laughing
if not blind with tears.
ABYSS. Tragedy and droplets.
Silent curse and break.
“oh god”
An opportunity?
Pull over, break down.

He took it pretty badly.
She took both the kids.
I’m not standing by-
to watch you slowly die.
I wish I wrote a letter.
I wish I saw you.

SECOND again. Silver lining

I’m mortal and more.
Shattered, stuck, confused, angry, so afraid, torn up, emotional, rattled, mad, sad, destroyed, scattered, frozen, isolated, alone, morbid. I am without consolation.

O mother, mother!
What have you done? Behold, the heavens do ope,
The gods look down, and this unnatural scene
The laugh at.

Mine eyes sweat compassion.
Be Italian peace then.

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