Its THE time.

And how the is so commonly used
The this.
and the that.
80-88% of words used.
Weird, mathsy wonders.
Like shuffling a deck of cards and to possibilities.
Mind blowing.
I feel uninspired.
Tired, and dry skinned.
I should probably try and sleep this feeling off.
But ever when you feel under-it you can put your feelings to good use.
Perhaps the challenge is going to sleep.
I mean after all its getting on. The evening keeps slipping clutches.
Like me today in the snow.
Crossed the bridge and watched the elegance of ice skating.
Folks doing their merry very best.
Stops: shhh-kthhhh-tting.
Corners, speed, newbies and the pros.
Mingling, avoiding kids that have been thrown in the deep end.
I had candy today, and swam, and went to the gym, and 3 classes.
All is done for the year but for four exams.
What a marvelous time.
I should be inspired, and I am.
But not-a-body is like me.
and I feel the barrier raised this evening.
Someone told me I looked like Waldo.
I said all I needed was a stripey shirt-
Naturally I would hop to the purchase as soon as possible.
I laughed hysterically because the feeling came naturally to me.
I will need to focus tomorrow.
People are hunkering down for this winter.
I got my book out, did some gluing and decorating of my room.
I feel full. Tight belt.
Tight lipped.
Stymie eyed.
Sweet earl grey tea with milk for dessert was my treat this evening.
Life’s grand plainities. Plainness. Austere.
Study young man.
Hit the books. No, no.
Teeth, books, bed.

T.S Eliot (who Australian’s make sound like C.S. Eliot). Strange to notice.
I will do some projects during the week, try to reign in my fountain pen.
This fountain of recorded unimport.
I’m sorry.
No i’m not. This is what I do.
Good habits.

Tomorrow will be better.
make the best of a bad job.
“make the best of a bad thing”.
Jesus god.
Sausage dog.
Weak to my bones.

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