Types of poetry.

Lets get real.
Water. Water.
Hot wine.
Hot mess.
Denial of attraction.
The awkward conversation.
I’m not interested in you that way. The friendzone.
The house party setting. Girls everywhere.
Drunk people excited. Me, not drunk.
Not drinking. Chatting normal things.
Talking shnuuz! Shnoos. Snoos. Snooz.
Talking one night stands, how poor they are.
Talking language.
Speaking tongues.
Bags of tricks, drinking games.
So many blondes.
Wha-whe-why are you not attractive.
And those that are, oh those, those girls that are attractive.
Sure. To be good-looking is all well enough.
“What’s your story”
“What’s happiness to you”
“What do you do”
“What are your hobbies”
Sure, but in a party environment – its tough. To be engaged.
Attention spans. Humour, ulterior motives.

What would placebo say. Nancy Boy.
I’d go out for coffee. No expectation, strictly excitement, dancing, enjoyment, smiling eyes and skin. But no. Not that, not that at all.
Instead, sitting like happy Buddha, contented and unsharing as if to say: Its ok, don’t worry. I’m just here to be entertained. If not? I’ll just wait.

Ten thousand saw I at a glance,
nodding their heads in sprightly dance.

October 8th. Polaroid Camera – “Real Memories”

Roxanne- Philosophy Class.

Marke change.

The sanctimonious charms of sliced bread have deserted.
Hindsights, comforts of my day to day with the plan in hand, has now no sweetness.
Solace tells tales of mirrored gold.
Truly time has shrunk those-
thought, for I am growing old.

The ripple, across my minds chasm.
Like a black eye. Aye.
Paints pretty pictures, imaginary and unseen by you and I.

Eggs, Bacon, Potatoes, Ham-
Things like this…

Free turkish coffee
Pastries. Chocolate.
Come again, come any time.
(Thankyou Nancy). Oh boy.

Like IS literally.
But opposite.
Like is the old.
Literally in the new.

“Peanutbutter Jumper”


Hold yourself (myself) to a lie.
-To believe oneself.
*To believe anything.

You could jump the fence and throw bricks at bricks and still have fun.
17th September. 2016. 02:31

The effects of candles and cutting gemstones.


Ethical Dilemma:
Getting someone, who asks for money to do something for you.
One handed pushups.
He did it. And got $20.

Joel- Brisbane
Santiago- Chile
Andreas- Chile
Piere- Belgium *electrical engineering
Brian- England. Nah nah it was Calum, wasn’t it?

Visit Yellowstone national park!

We measure hardness using the Mohs Scale.

Philip Dittberner -Woke40

What’s a farce? 14th September. 20:55.
A comedy! Improbable! Absurd!


Vegan – To incorporate and idealist philosophy into ones life.
Negating your footprint.
Thems the times.

Vegetarial reception.
Vegetarian “On the cusp of being one”

Is it possible to maintain eye contact? 14th Sept, 2016, 12:51

WRITE CHARACTERS (stillhaven’tgotroundtothat)

Write Alex
Write a foreword of Lindsay
Write and Adventure for Jon
A creation of Tim (the robot)

“You just grew up, and somehow I missed a big part of it. It happened didn’t it?”

So much has changed
You look so different.
You used to be so small and thin.
Barley an influence on the world.
Your pale skin.
And way hair curled.
Rich and red, blue jeans.

Ma tasse de/du *teh
Ce n’est pas ma tasse de *teh

Raising our children makes us human.
Your very own children.
Be shameless.
Sacrifice yourself, your dreams.
Work, earn, protect. Make it.
They won’t realize what you’ve done.
All that love, soaked into the fibre of your being.
Made, mended. Man…
and the see-saw is way way-
up, up! Up. There, and it will come crashing down.
I foresee it. I’m an agent perhaps. A herald.
I’m a worrier, not a warrior.
I fear when people look after themselves,
rioted with guilt and fear.
Self-destructive. A time of plenty:
Fueled by the love, attractions and affections of family.
We have been to war, and I see it again.
But it will be us, that reign down.
How could we possibly.
With each laugh that begins, another somewhere ends.
So to, it is with tears.
Yes, experience the terse bedragglement-
aye me, sodden slop-like pull.
Wrist bound experience of the sadomasochistic.
No escape, a faltering hope.
Divided and temporal.
I wish not to be offputting,
Nor fatal, or fatalistic.
That’s not pessimism they say.
Cry me! Its the personification, pray faith!
Have you no belief in yourself?
What is it you do? To unmake in stillness-
see yourself in these eyes of mine?
Disgust discussed. Please.
Why do you not full-fill your bucket.
Kick yourself. Before its even at its half.
I will not threaten you empty.
Grey days, and plastic bottles.
What-are we to do.
I have a thirst, for I am dry to the pits.
I am the human sponge,
Dashed and wrung dry.
Conflagrations and knowledge take you!
High silver seconds pass your lips.
And prate at me like
the cheese to a grater.
And no greater sin, and my reference is dated!
But the word stands. Smarting you.
And stapling tactfully you in your tracks.
I hope. Jove!

Ad and ad!

Free in store.
Tuesday/ Wednesday / Thursday.
Fully catered we will become!


Student Services:
Brenna + Anke

Tastes and preferences define who you are and makes for good questions.

Some people might be a bore (boar)? but they might also be good at complex algebra and/or be doing groundbreaking work in a field (farmer joke), (Gamer joke).
12th Sept. 2016. 00:29

Major Motive in life:
Self Satisfaction.

Underpants in the freezer. 23:11, 2016, 8th Sept.

One shared language is enough. 21:52

Courts- the place that i’ll get some mileage. 12:56

Boyhood: Movie

La Bodega

Yellow Bandana

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