Today in Montreal, the aftermath and aftermatch feeling from football to that -of waiting for godot. My, what a win!
Biblical, baresensical. Loaded with coffee toast. The decadent, double storey complete establishment. Like prison, hospital or google; the place with all you’ll ever need.
Now for the gallery. Modern madness, as we were all born.
Truly wild, and genius.
Put on your thinking hat.

Waiting for god.
Oh god oh god.
Rubble, rustle.
Rocks and trees.

Time is hustles
Cups of teas.
Memory motif
Gosh what time!

Believe to vote if-
You give us a sign.
Completed loops
Not jump through hoops.

Benefactors alike.
I’ll be on my bike.

Up the ante.
Anti anti anti.
Oi oi oi.

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