How do you fix this?

I think I’m in a slump.
I believe i’m afraid of myself.
I have said the wrong thing to so many people so many times.
I feel hung up.
My dial tone is a sad set of self talk and anger.
Money isn’t an issue, but my internal tick is to live as cheap as possible.
There are things i’d like to see.
I’d appreciate adventure.
What is this holding back, the silent loathing and loading and pensive struggle.
Am I in a rut as Dr. Seuss suggest?
Stuck in a waiting place. How do I cure myself.
The internet is the cure for a curious mind.
I have so little time.
And much much much to do, such procrastination.
I need a shower.
I’m hungry, yet sick.
Tired, yet itching to move.
Struggling to get out. Out of my mind.
Not mindful.
Not happy, failfull with genuine caring interaction.
Something has set in.
What I need is a ball.

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