Doom Apex

We are the apex predator
This marks the end of the world
Ned said to Jed, my editor.
How has this come unfurled.

Like this!
Quite like this.
If we could all just take a day.
One day off to try and play.

Here comes the dread.
Mark it well I said.
Times have changed,
Our progressions derranged.
Those wishes upstaged.
World’s critical age.

I feel there is something going horrible wrong.
This is why kids pull bongs.
They worry, and give meaning to none.
Sandwiched between confusion and chaos for a bun.

Primary school,
the marvel of kids.
Honestly’s fool.
And now we’re on skids.

But no time to break-
or rest up. Even a little.
These lost souls shake,
with dribble and spittle.

My foreign acquaintance.
A pleasure to meet.
Borders boundary, the offence and fence.
Protection marks isolation, grovel my feet.

Keep on walking I say.
Run, bare foot through the streets.
Walk off your troubles.
Smile if you can muster, nice kinds of meats.

Frightened bleats.
Desolation greets.
Cereal treats.
Worrying Keats.
And all because of rising heats.

And the going gets harder,
the hurdles higher.
Basement and larder.
Go up in the fire.

Until our bellies.
Like our souls.
Are finally empty.
And the food that works to numb the pain,
our painkiller for most of all things.
is in its last refrain.
And we fall from our olympic rings.

Making our way,
plodding to the gallows-
the end is what follows.
Thankyou for this brief stay.

Time to go.
Thinking of tomorrow.

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