Got some white shirts for free.
Woke up late after a big day yesterday of studying, followed by a much deserved beer.
My English pal tried to hook me up with one of his friends. Its amazing just how little effort I can put in. I just shut down. Its like playing dead to hide from bears or something. Karaoke nights. Not so bad – what a uniting thing to do.
Some guy sang Blur songs. That was really nice, his name was Mat.

I need to plan Montreal with the guys.
Go for a Jog.
Finish my assignment.
Study for exams next week.
Maybe i’ll go to the museum.
Run across the bridge.
Much, much to do-
Scholarships have been applied for.

The freestore, next door is brilliant.

Time to float on.
Macbeth show tomorrow.
many, many readings.

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