Where did it all go?
Where did it all fucking go?
How have I made it to this, to this now.
Today, not tomorrow or yesterday. Today.
Now. But now is mucus, now is cold-sweats.
Headache, shivering, sliding uncomfort.
Squirm and sniffle. Ears blocked, eyes bleary.
Blindly, clouded mind in a new city.
Lost and all is forgotten. So easy to look to tomorrow.
But nay. No! Look to today.
Do not fret, from past to future; to and fro.
Fear not your strife, suffer not my woe.
For today, is grim and great.
Sordid and lavish. Oh boy,
This time now, for all to enjoy.

A see-through paper bag.
“Like a plastic bag”
No Jan a glass bag.

Man-Maid Beach
Now I know what eyes can touch.
Beauty flickers, afarway crutch.
Bronze and slick and sleeping still.
Vagabond vice, reaping ill.

Sight a sense for feel and need.
My eyes b’gouged, freely decreed.

You don’t eat meat but we’re packed in like sardines.
Do you think you’d eat human flesh?
It’s bad to eat your own genus, race, type, species.
(isn’t that what lead to mad cow disease)
“Pree-on” disease. I knew it.

Mooney’s Bay Park.

Major Motivation is all people is self satisfaction.
Your life’s accumulation of experience leads up and into your own self.
What you believe to be good and proper and normal.
Over time you solidify. Become choosy. Decide what is best for you.
These choices are informed off of other information.
Sickness, health and a complicated value structure.
As we grow up, we become harder. More real.
But like glass. Sand, fired to extreme temperatures,
our beauty lasts just as long.
Despite our type, mold or colour.
Glass is made to be broken.
We grow brittle once be solidify.
Enjoy yourself, be unique and shapely.
Pane or glob.

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