How do you think I came across tonight?

Law, how do you think I came across tonight?
What was the impression that I gave?
“I don’t know”…
“I’d say, always, just as your… (how do you say in english), your… yeah I dunno.
Acting according to your personality”.
“more something like true, not trying to say what you are, acting accordingly”
“Etre fidele a soi meme”. I am true to myself.
Do you think anyone was bothered?
“maybe Manuell, because she positioned herself away from others”
“I don’t think you hurt anyone’s feelings”
To me it was fine, it was good.
“for people who enjoy sharing their thoughts, i’m not well placed to answer correctly, i’d say”.
“I don’t think anyone was bothered”

Question- We saw a guy get hit by a car.
5 or 10 people were there. So we kept walking. It was a big surprise.
astonishing maybe.

As an ambassador for Australia, I feel obliged to be quiet.
How do you think people would like that?
Its a shallow stereotype, but there is some truth in these things.

If you take issue with my talking. Then it is you with the problem.
But noise is still noise. And pollution is still pollution.
“And if I’m destroying your cool, you should let me know”

We all have Easter.
We all have the expression that if you press a shell to your ear you can hear the ocean.
-Nobody found that amazing.

Pranks are great.
What kind of pranks? Salt upside down, lid off.
Replace/ salt with sugar.

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