I’ve been in melbourne this weekend passed.
My brother and his Ex are building bridges.
I didn’t sleep that much.
I didn’t eat that much.
I caught up with the guys.
I partied.
I slept on Declan’s bed with him and his girlfriend.

I was feeling pretty vile.
I felt strange.
Shirt off.
Only a jacket and my skin.

To feel cold.
Where does heat go?
Your body, feeling cold?
What does that mean?
Do you heat up the room?
Is “cold” a deep-lying slowing of circulation?
where does your body heat go?

Heat is a strange idea.
For sound to be a facet force of light.
For forces to be organised by our minds.
Our survival.
What IS that?
Our survival.
What is our cognition?
Why do so many people buy coffee in the mornings?
What does that achieve?
Where is our bloodthirsty inspiration?
Our dangerous edge?
What boils our blood? And curdles our skin.
What makes up presence.
Where do I begin.
How can we understand?
The way we move, sit, opperate, lay or lie.
Lie to ourselves.
Spend eternity in bed.
Hurt feelings.
Social beings.
Asking the right questions.

“crack people” – get them to open up.
Find out about them.

Do you thing people like the people around them because of the amount of time that they spend with them>?

When you first hear a song, you aren’t sure if you like the tune, or the singers voice. But then you learn to love all the aspects of a band’s music. You follow them, buy the album, connect, enjoy and explore.

Could this be the same with people? Do people just take time to warm to others?

The classic story-teller. A person, tells of their dark past. Others sit and soak up the story.

I am ungreatful. oooops.

Lindsay bought be lunch and I didn’t say thankyou. The chocolate-coconut cookie and an orange juice.

I want to buy a rocking chair.
A magic 8-ball.
A go-pro.
Gold ear-ring.

Strange what makes up our bodies.
I sat. Stared at the wobbling curtains.
Out of my brain.
Wondering what makes up sleep.
Wondering why we need to eat.
Why we need to drink.

Refuel? Our bodies. Drifting.
Unknown to us.
Our animal senses.


I’d like a gold earring with a feather.

I’d like my acceptance letter for uOttawa.

Who invented the t-shirt?
Why are there 12 months in a year?

0- BC
0- AD

When you’re born in Korea, you are one. Was there a year called zero?

How can someone be a bad dancer?



IAMEH: Chai girl. “iron man”. Dancer. Blacklist. Studying to be a doctor.

If you went back in time, what would you want to see? Where would you visit?

The Big Bang.

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