I wonder if life without you,
Would be better.
I wonder,
Because tonight we fought.
You asked not to end the night on a sour.
I don’t get that. I’ll let you walk away from me.
You need to go and re-value yourself.
If you want someone to walk over, date a bridge.
You’ve made me cross.
You’ve crossed to the other side.
I feel like I get to choose now.
you cracked me.
If this is left.
Even a day – I will rot.

You don’t know this. But my mind,
this, relationship. Was doomed from the beginning.
You’re snipe, snide, remarks. Your neediness.
Frankly i’m worn thin. You bore me.
I’m tired of your games.
Your one eye darker than the other.
Your tone.
Somehow, I find you insufferable.
The side of me most brought out by you, is boredom with myself.

Maybe i’m hungry.
Probably just a bad day.
But I shouldn’t want to avoid you.
I like my time alone.
Maybe I’m broken.
I’d like to say it was me.
The reason relationships haven’t worked in the past, is because I wasn’t perfect.
That’s why I strive to do better.
But from the outset.
Did I trust you?
Could I say “I love you”.
No, I wouldn’t let myself.
I feel like that.
That has what has come between us.
We’re too protected.
In our cocoons.

But let me ask you this.
When’s the last time you had fun without me.
Dare I say, without me you are nothing.
Without me, I see nil of you.
and that bores me.
Work work work, work on yourself.
That cut me once, and i’m using it now on you.

Now is as good-of-a-time as any.
I’ve been honest with you as best, and as kindly as I can.
Now its time for me to depart this duo.

Word-Life tonight was wonderful.

Dada. And “feed the homeless to the hungry”
To finish. The energy. I was entertained. Tickled one might say.

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