Thus far

Allow myself to do anything I want today.
Change the bin liner nearly had me defeated.
Slow, small progress.
Haircut needed, cost twenty dollars.
Jogged down, added value.
Bought a CD for dad, cost 17.
Got him to cut my hair.
Ran to north hobart, learnt about hot cross on buns.
Fat and flour. “Cross mix”.
Played cards, I won.
Sun came out, jogged to sandy bay.
Found figs, go figure. Fine figure.
Ate a wrap. Thanks Megan.
Talk sex talk.
Missed her bus.
Was late.
Jogged home. Ate apple.
Talked to rowan.
Art, film, writing are a convosation.
“Interesting” – explanation.
Juggling and sleep.
Life goals, change.
Juggling and sleep.
Today. Poetry.

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