Today i’ll apply for a casual job. Greed drives.

You asked me how to spell words for you; that made me raise an eyebrow.
Its true, you are dyslexic after all. You follow patterns. If you can remember, surely you can remember words. Memory scrambled. Curious.
“how do you spell special”. Well my dear. How do I spell it indeed.

I clenched my jaw,
I ground my teeth.
I had something on my mind.

Today I had a big breakfast,
Food is fuel, is the energy you have for that day,
Is a smile, is patience, is the will to accept and to to think clearly.
Logically I can make no different there.

Canada at the end of the month.
A black month.

Wash my face,
Brush my teeth,
Ride to class,
Read, write, discuss.

The whole day.
-Apply for jobs,
Study, write characters.

Book stores.
A quite time of year.
I would like a cup, a cup of tea. Constant tee.

Constant tee no people.

Thankyou Count.

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