What is it with.

Ah yes the two headed snake eating itself.
my circular statements here will make me boggle,
can you try to keep me on the tacks. Don’t forget what we’re talking about.
If i’m just making noise, stop me.
I want to communicate an idea to you.
A thought!
You must understand.
The very basics of it all;
“its raining”
“yes it is raining”.
Riveting stuff, indeed.

So when you said to me all of those things before, I’m going to try explain to you “yes it is raining” but in my own words.
ITS raining. IT IS. RAIN-ING. do you catch my drift.

That piano tonight was beautiful.

I believe in fate.
If the green man goes on the lights as I go to cross, that effects my perspective in a positive way; as if I am chosen to walk this path. Being perfectly aligned with my choices and options. Following the best possible outcome.
It leads on, I walk, I follow, I choose, I believe. I am positive.
Having this sort of thinking is a self fulfilling prophecy. (FOR-FILLING)? Why is that in my grammar code red all of a sudden.

Anyway, the thought: I shaved my stomach.
While tanning one day, my cousin pointed out this fact.
I was a bit put on the spot and said “yeah, for tanning purposes”.
He then said “I shaved my chest a few days ago”.

My immediate thought wasn’t coincidence. It was “we are related, we are organic beings that spend lots of time together, share brainwaves, we did the same sort of thing on the same day I BET”.
The magic. The beauty, mystery and wonder I have for my vulnerable thoughts.
I share because I feel, that we all feel, what I feel.
Circular statements aboard! It is what it is, that’s that.
Disagree if you must. I won’t argue.

Tonight’s conversation was fuelled with Guinness.

The law, the legal system and how people are punished.
Deterrent or punishment or otherwise. We are all of us in disagreement. That is why we elect a few, educated few to make the rules for us; FOR others.
What are the chances I would have touched those children: says the priest.
Considering his peer group? I’d say the chances were in his favour. Its a sad point. Barely worth considering, but for one insight in the complete quandary I already face with the LAW.
You commit a crime, you pay the consequences. Jail time.
Then you are set free. Completely forgotten.
Having had time to consider your wrong doings, you are now free.
You have been away from temptation.
You have been isolated.
Alone with your thoughts.
Not in a particularly productive place. More reductive,
criminal, basic, unpleasant, lonely, agressive, regimented and ruled.

The time you spend in this place is on the basis, on the basic principle understanding; the ruling of a judge, that understands from a logical and rational position that: “This person is here, having done these crimes, that other people have done in the past, and ANY person COULD do”. The punishment in the past has been – etc etc.

How likely were you to have committed the same crime? What’s your moral code like. A case by case, ALWAYS.

The loaded question.
The front foot defence.
The fear.

A child raised by a man and another man will be raised differently to how they would be raised by a woman and a man. Because and only because a man is different to a woman. Beyond this fact observed and understood by society, opinion ensues.

I should donate blood.
Plasma maybe – what a great word.
Fire is a plasma.
Tell me more.

What was there before the big bang?
What caused it?
How could the atom be the smallest thing there is.
Can we create DNA?

How can we define our importance in the galaxy if we observe other such vast objects that dwarf our beings.

Basic constructs.
Education standards.
The smirk of being 40 and only then taking an interest in the goings on of the universe as we observe it. Keep me posted.

The belief that others have the riddles of the universe like a puzzle, just waiting to be explained, and that they can continue on their daily lives.
Would knowing how the universe came about effect me? Probably not.

WAIT, knowing that your life is a random cosmic event and that when you die, that’s all folks.

You wouldn’t change a thing? Poetic. Kill me now.

Are you in control of your life? – i’ll ask you until you say yes.
The importance of being able to DO not DIE. Climb that tree, life will throw challenges your way. How you cope will reflect how you’ve prepared.

Moments alone.
Free market thought.
Selfish oriented.
Group hangouts.
What’s the perfect group.
1,2,3 beyond.
There’s ideas about all of them.

Observe groups of 2. A date. Cute, private friends.
3’s. One has down time, checks their phone for the next big thing, next topic, barely keeping up with the chatter of the other two. Fearing always that someone will be left out. Two chatter away until the 3rd waves their phone “look at this”. Three is strong, a triangle. Equal, maybe, scalene, isosceles. What do you guys bring to the group. How is your dynamic?
Does the one on the phone prove to be a target? Is 3 an approachable number? The one on the phone is single? Maybe.

Our own inevitable doom lay outside the boundaries of our control. Mayhem.

Waiting at the lights. Do you press the button?
Could you forever wait at the red man.
Do you trust others to press the button for you?
Do you use your knee? The back of your hand?
Do you press hard or multiple times?
I feel like this reflects state of mind, and mood.

The Individual Mind. Alone, pensive, rational.
Reward system in place.

Group Mind. Together, chatter, dictatorship/democratic.
Posturing, agendas.

Fashion – posturing – angle.

High brow, low brow, middle brow (Uni Brow) – Are triangles the strongest structure?

“Tell me the first thing that comes into your mind”

“Tell me real, ok, focus no lies, truth, the heart, the core yourself purest form, focus. Now tell me something you don’t know”.

“Now he drives busses”. *the look in their eyes, gossip, sick*

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