A perfect finish to my cousin catchup.
Met Therese, the home owning, religious lover of chris.
On the last day, climbed a hill, red arrow walk- through a bamboo forest. We looked out over the airport. t had a coffee. She was buzzing.
“Breathing helps lose weight”- fasciniating. Please don’t go on.

Went to the local outdoor pool. Amazing, favourite sorta thing.
“Makes me want to play the bongo drums”

The falls the day before,
Home made booze,
Saw an eel,
Did some cliff jumping,
Talked waaaay too much.

Driving around was easy.
Got the worst massage of my entire life.
Valentines day tomorrow; gotta suss it out.
BIANCA Paine’s birthday as well,
The run ROC challenge, should. Be good, just need footwear.
And St Kilda Fest! Rad.
Back in my home town.

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