Let us have a rant.

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes let’s.

Speaking in prose.
Take it away
Take it away
I burnt my tongue
No more taste for today.

I made flatwhite yesterday… Simple.
Just doing something simple like making coffee.
Not proper coffee.
-I watch that cunt recoil. Realise what he’s said. Backpeddle. Suddenly aware of himself, running his mouth. Being an idiot, unappreciative. Foolish.
“oh, blend 43. Nescafe”.
-Too late; you’ve hurt my feelings.
Why am I so tender. My exterior is unphased, but they pick up the organic hatred. My tendrils, my awareness, the recognition, though I don’t stop looking-ing onwards, past all of them.
Why did he say that.
His brain let him down. It let me down. He wasn’t thinking. Just running his mouth, we all do that.
So the sting, truly was something else. Something I was obviously feeling/thinking before that moment.
All these people, their lack of understanding and puss-appreciation has made me feel shallow, worthless and a gimmick. What is the point of what I’m doing, is it unique? Not so much. Does it make me feel alive? Or special? Not recently.
have I met new and exciting people. THe conversations stimulating. Nay.

Strange that it should be brought up in my life? (not really). Coffee is a common THING. here, there, everywhere. Stop bring so fucking precious.

What would you say to mum?
Stay with her?Cramp her style, the slimy introverted hermit.
The idiot genius.
Drinking? That’ll kill you. Spotted liver, Quincy jones won’t let that bubble of logic put a lid on this course [of logic]. The healthy roll of fat that I’ve earnt, earned from a lifestyle befitting my house. Charmed. Chin-ups occasionally. But rarely do I raise above the level. This truism stands for all. Out calling. The mantle of humanity, our humility. Him hum hum hummmmmmm. Me A Shingles. The thing, thong passed on. Fabric of speech is stretched and misunderstood. The lack of control Outside our ow, sometimes unfamiliar bodies. Movements uncontrolled. Whip that boy. Let me do up that button for you. The lack of precision in my nimble fingers. The gal ability- fallibility of it all! Spelling, fingers, vocab, auto-correct, send, undo, grammar, perfect speech and cover-station. Convo. For what? -The train story-
This is all your misunderstanding of my perfect.

Mum, your drinking will kill you.
Your mindset.
Does what you do, make you happy?
Will it make you live longer?
Do you fear the train, of thought?
Drink, smoke.
Fair is fair.
Whole some

I just wanted to blow off steam.
Smoke coming out of my ears.

If looks could kill.
I’d look.
and look and look.

Dumb thought: The relationship you have with your parents can only be had by “you”.
Everyone is different.
-mind you (but) your insights are unique & different – child.

Only kids know how their parents truly are at home.

How can humanity be a final form.
Our minds, our vocabulary are limited. Our focus; incapable of numerous vasteties of the universe. (so you believe in the universe?) I believe in the stars!

What’s the benefit of leaving behind a mantle of success?
Is it possible in life to sow more than you reap?

So what? Sow life.
“All tattoos are the same”

Cab we all try to distinguish ourselves from eachother, please.
Explore our unique-ness. The niceties and our ignorances. *ignorences-spelling.

Don’t look dogs in the eye. It means you are threatening. Dominant.
With cats it means you are aware and submissive.

Share your observations and truisms. Re-live your day babe.
Tell me what you did and saw, all your senses. IN FACT.
State them, as clearly or poetically as you can. I want to hear you say it; like it were true.
Are lies another reality?
Are your topic changes worthwhile?

Her vagina was cavernous.
Like throwing a tic-tac down a hallway.
Like dipping a biscuit in hot tea.
Like dropping a goldfish by the tail, into a pond.

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