Reseted reset

Hey dad I just want you to know i recycle some of your lines, because I look up to you and sometimes the things you say are la e and thus entirely shameless. I cannot fault them.
Therefore when I tell other people things and use your words as noble decree almost I laugh inwardly.
Snort all you want.
I hope it makes you happy to know you’d be doing great for yourself if you were still 20. -that is a bit of a strange thought.

Life in Arcadia – Jules Reed blog and writing. Not bad stuff.
Platonic relationships. Plato, date, chat, go home alone.
Named it himself; thr let down of sex. Busting.
Wasting seed without pro-creation. Weird. My values, loves and use of energies are whacked out. Not a normal man.

“You matter, you are real, the choices you make today in your lifetime are important and will change the world for better or worse. Please be considerate and choose carefully”.
We are all of us dancing in the storm of decisions and expectations.

Break your programming.
Deconstruct (destroy) your DNA put yourself back together how you want.


Same old same old,
What’s old is new.
Make it new.
Its Tassie

Postcards- “enbuzzed”

I’ve been getting headaches and nausea from black tea.

Milly- the face painter. She’ll be at falls.

Who is Graham Scice? Have i met him? Do i know his face?

Alinta R-H

These are the nots as they came. Are they important. Yes

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