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Lovely manners.
Computers do you feel?
What is consciousness? “I think therefore I am”.
That’s all well and good. What counts as thinking?
Do dogs think?
What about bugs?
Ants look lost sometimes.
What are their driving senses?
Are your senses strictly brain driven?
Heightened senses.
Its been a while since I took a close look at this theme.
4 Month to my own devices. Time to think, plan, waive, waste, spend and be slack.

“There are problems with the lease.”
We need Orange Juice and Acai Bowls. That’s that.

The brand. Deus. I hope they sell bags.

I found this pen.
And I was given another today.
Is my writing my own?
Do I own these words?
“This language is borrowed”
My language is an expression.
These words:
Make Belief.
-Express Yourself-

Or don’t.
Don’t listen to me>
“Shut up you two”
‘I don’t understand when you say that’
What could you mean?
What do you want me to say or do?
Knowing smile.
Juan, wise beyond words.

Paper mate.

Listen to your mind.
Your body.
Its rare.
Can you do both.

Deusex. BAG.

Walking with a hand in your pocket.
Comfortable smile.
Confident smile
Friendly smile
Silent smile
Knowing smile.
Toothless smile
Grotesque smile.
Savage Grin.

Green man.
How much time
I wait you.

My time,
Their time
You wasted.

Jack Arthur Charles Knight.

Great idea.
Story name!

Patrick Amarael The Random Indie Cordial Kid.

Thinking loads about fat people.
How life is cycles.
I forget if I mentioned this yesterday.
I’m in a cycle at the moment.
The guy cycling yesterday was in a cycle.
Then his routine, the commonality of it all was broken.
He was run over.
No more cycle.
My bosses brother died from falling off a ladder.
“Sudden death” -Ladder-
My eyes aren’t right.
They hurt.
Its kinda sad.
I’ve had too much coffee.
Over stimulated.
Have the shakes In my leg.
I was present before.
Getting sun.
I’m flushed.
I’ll eat when I get home.
I need to translate some French.
I need to book accommodation and fill out forms and find out if I’ve passed all my exams and maintained a high markinternallyandthenineedtogoandspendsometimeatworkfirdaysareshit but Now i’m thinking of Saturday, I think selling mystery 6-packs at work would be a great idea. Imagine that. The tourist attraction. That would be so swell. 20 bucks.
Steal. Use your fucking brain. Mystery. Lavish.

Not to worry, maybe= I[‘ll mention it to the boss. I doubt it though, poor sod. Losing your brothers. I couldn’t hack it. Something dramatic would occur. Inside me, the flame. Ashy, icy government policy of dredge, A fear of mine. I’d be the captain planet of suicide. I’d not manage. I’d travel. I’d walk until my feet bled. I’d steal, scrimp, boston bun and cordial. In a blender that i’d find out toward the east. Where the sun set. Fate send. Sent me god blessed harmony and silence and a book that never died.
Interpretations and lenses of the world. The gambit of life, All in but hizzar. HuH! I honestly thought something else would happen. Death from a touch a thousand touches. All those girls I used to know. Like a fool I let them all go. But I’ve never read the book that helps you psychoanalyse the situation. Who gives a. The inner beauty? And the… AH the book changes you. It turns you into the cookie monster of sex. Nothing is consumed. But It looks that way. Your obsession and focus. Books, if you spend anytime. What %5 of books do you soak up. Long book, short book. There are moments I LITERALLY FORGET. But other bits that resonate. That I need, and recall “A QUOTE” – from Jane Austen. But not really. Another woman, wonderful, Virginia Woolfe. A Woman, not a dog. Fearless. “An ordinary mind on an ordinary day”. YES YES YES YES YES.
Feel free to look away. Personality. _ITY – ity – ITY!
What words end like that. ISM? Isms. All the endings of all the words.
What vocalised consolation prize could we prise from our own logic.
What does it mean? What muscle in the collective mind does that touch on?

“verbs” what are they.
And what’s a NOUN?
Ha. Great, weird. Rules. Spelling. Up to date. “TORQUE LIKE DIS BRUV”
Its how good you are at arm wrestling. But what about normal wrestling?

Yeah I have lots of siblings.
I don’t like that guys, the red headed one. My sister’s boyfriend. He’s lost a lot of weight. But I get the impression he was  a piece of shit.
So you guys all work together at the Uni? Cool. Did you all get eachother jobs?
Strange. Fire the Indians and hire more chiefs. WHY IS THAT A THING?
Genocide. “Strnage.”
Let me tell you the money, of the story I found once. See what I didn’t do well there.
Words, context pattern.
So I found a few thousand fake Euro in Firenze. It was hilarious. I became religious.
Butterful effect.Or something like that, right?
I tipped. I went shopping. I sweated. I became hyper aware of stares.
Atop my hill. Who’s money is this?
Darting blue eyes.
lank hair. Careful. Suspicious.
Put some in the bottle.
Leave it atop a mountain. Watch people pour money on their hands to get money.
Fake fake money.
HA. The jokes on. Its JUST ON. OK.

Then what, Kiss. Yes kiss.
Lets not talk about what my friend said to you.
I will put my foot in my mouth. I don’t want to voice my mind.
I’m obviously confused. Lets oppose.
I wasn’t there. This is a trap.
You ok? How have you been? Let not play games.
Butterfly. Its a circle, a cycle.
Break me.
No I don’t want to do lines.
No its a school night. I’m not drinking.
No I need to study.
Sure. Hot streak. Lets play.
Drinking games are daft. Lets be dumb.
Where are you going? “I have a house”.
Shit! she’s gone. What could you say? What am I doing.

“Ruthless”- hahahahah
Dad jokes. Male jokes. Every male. Maelstrom. Turn a word. Make a pun.
Head to the pub.
Hate it.
Mum jokes. Not a thing.
Your mumma jokes.
What are they.
Is humour the darker side?
Shining light on the worlds darker features.
-Hi my name is Patrick Foley-Donoghue.
PFD. Like the life jacket. Only sometimes I drown beneath all this repetition.
This bullshit. The minds of others.
My own need to spend time,
Celebrate and revel in shared experience.
Some strange sense of validity,
Photo me.
Shoot me shoot me. PLEASE.

“don’t you wanna shoot me”

So the dark side of comedy eh?
The deathstar of comedy.
What did you say Sam?

Lets not talk about fucking bikes.
You aren’t even excited about what you’re talking about.
I experienced that the other day.
“A quote”.
Half the group glazed over. Stared off into space.
that hurt.
My passions wasted, WASTED ON MY OWN FRIENDS.
your jokes? Hang them.
Re-start. Blank slate, new sheets. Peace, quiet.
Theme tune to this moment?
I don’t know.

I’m not spray painting the fucking bags silver.
Hired goons? I think we’ve missed some sort of point.
But I don’t know what the fuck that point is.
Halloowweenn. Day of the dead.

Theese are unfinished. Sorry. Got to move on. Cycle. cycle.
Get fat.
Eat for zero.
Neg. FAAAAHHh , huh.

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