Fibre is just the hairs you didn’t spot and pick out of your sandwhich.
The spelling of sandwhich always gets me.
Sand witch which wich san dwish
I just ate the flower of a chive plant.
There were ants on it.
That was a minute ago.
I wonder if they’re dead.
My french test was today, I did ok. I didn’t nail it. There were some big pauses. But I’d trained hard all year. Lots of practice.
Dinne rparty last night, food the constant flow of energy.
The transformation.
The ideals.
Buffy? Really you’ve watched it all? You like Tv.
Find yourself somebody.
Are you an interesting character?
What is it with not being able to share a comfortable silence with someone? When you’re with someone you love you should be a “happy puppy” playful fun, comfortable.
Ha there’s that word. Cast this plate infront of me from the balcony.
Climb the highest building.
Sayer or a do-er.
Talk about tattoos? Boring kill me.
You lack passion.
Your head and your body. Are they joined?
Do you want to partake in. Graff?!
James, you freeloading, weed smoking, black curly haired character in my fiction- my life.
You had a blood transfusion when you were young.
That changed you.
Blood. DNA.
Imagine living inthe balance between reclamation of nature.
At the moment if we fought a war.
We’d be winning. Toward our own salvation. Our demise.
Life and death. The theme of most.
Scratch the surface.
“if we all picked up one piece of rubbish”
-turn it up a bit mate
Classic. Mean.
So basic.

Bite the fork that feeds you.
3 exams.
Do you deserve to pass. Practice. Pass pass pass pass pass!
How could anyone effect you? How could anyone have power over you? How could anyone influence you? What could they say.
Do their actions speak louder than words? What are the loudest words?
My surmise of the day was off. The chill sinks in.
Sinks sinks sinks.
Like in a bathroom. Flush and wash away your shit ideas.
1234. That’s the time. Time for a change?
What’s your favourite food?
Weetbix! Combien weetbix faitez vous? Haha.
The sound of someone laughing ina different language?
Is everything leant through observation?
Do you observe things that aren’t learnt?
Seeing the mundane. Speaking the mundane. Sharkng an experience, accurately. Illiciting emotion. Captivating attention.
Its rare you are A rare like a shiny pickachu.
I used to colled those cards.
Used used used.
Use to. Used to.
What’s the use?
Its used to make sense.
Edward in the U.S. US, ED.
Are you a sayyyyer or a doooer.
Do it. Do. Everything you say. Otherwise you waste your breath. Don’t waste a moment.
Its 5.50 and if you are invited over at 6. I wont be there.
Lets not talk in 24 hours, you cant even read that that when you’re blind. You kill me. You make me nervy.
You cut me down.
I’m all over everything you say.
You’re all over the shop.
There is so little coherence you are lost you lost us. We’re out of your zone.

More on that later.

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