Out of nowhere. Expect.

Fracking assignment.
No big “hey, this is happening soon”
Just a little red dot on a calendar.
More like panic button.
Action stations,
Firefighting clean-up crews.
Put in a good stint now. Shouldn’t be an issue.
Just a challenge. Bring it on.
Such a good headspace.

Sam, what is that sigh you do?
Sam, what is that?!
Like a horse sound.
Let down.
Let the air out.

I could make that sound right now.

The proverbial jam has been taken out of my doghnut.

I’m unsure what i said yesterday. Did I blog?
“I am a capable human being” – i must have.
Humanity is a virus.
What’s our endgame?
Adapt, survive, continue the race.
Earth’s cancer? A self aware organism.
What is real? GRAVITY. What else?
Time relative to GRAVITY.
Off world.

ONE PUNCH MAN – anime, check it out.

Sto mach, empty to full. That feeling.
Content? No, undergoing change. Never content.
I am human.
Are you? I think therefore I am.
The tree that reaches the high heavens must have its roots;
The fruit beared the knowledge its nutrients came from the depths of hell.

Doctors, though gig. Well paid. A strange class of person, a community hated by death. See him sitting patiently, loating their work, his crinkled black robe.

And so, I sigh.

Our endgame, increase the happiness of the average.
For there are only a few special people.

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