The postmodern ideal >

Colour, money, work, “weekends”, time spent, energy, creation, WORTH.
Worthwhile? Quizzes, the function, practicality.
I suggest to you the abominable waste of food fuelling your body.
The stress, the lies, the failure.

“In Australia you’re a doctor after 5 fucking years, it’s bullshit”. The french, strike again.

The runt of the litter has its place in evolution, in that it may be the weakest born, which is to say that its function was sustenance. A historic example of tribal cannibalism.

Your traces.
Left everywhere
Thats a shock, when they stop happening.

I butchered that.
My feelings to language

Straight out of me.
Straight to what, not why.

Trees. Blow their wind.

Sunglasses on, fingerprinted.

Our footprints should be fire.

Could throwing away money possibly be littering?

Are we building buildings?

Walk past all that –
– Legs like scythes.

Now, lets rest.
Save the planet?
Turn the lights!
On or off?
Sex with the lights on?
Not when you’re 40.
So, so many reasons.

Buy me a fab apron.

Why not?

Some people just don’t like doing some things.
Ruthless, bland, vague killer statement.

My mind and thoughts.
The building blocks, the premiss.  my premises.  missed and messed

Energy of the room,
Some things old, are good, great best.

Energy of the room,
How atoms move in the room.
The disturbance, the jarring feeling.
Everyone just left.
Atleast for a time you “had” everyone.

Christine Walton
-Alex Chatelain.
Vogue -1971

Inspired perhaps?
Certainly inspiring.
Different. Represents.
See you
You see the world
The mirror shows us; you and you see you to us.
Us, We.
You are you.
You see us.
Call us we.
You mean you.
Not us or we.
expect us to follow you!
You are a performer.
Perform, dance-
-for us and we.
You are you and us not we, but a performer.



Popcorn taste.
what else tastes like it?
Why did my banana today taste like pineapple?

Get popcorn:

Implicit skills?
Your focus?
Things you train.
Greenhouse version of humans
Matrix version of skills.
Brain vs Brawn.
100% person = 30% brain 70%body.

Words written by you are great.
You need a reference point.
GREAT, thanks prior self.
Where am I.
what does this say.
How can I determine my own meaning.
Translating hieroglyphs. Where do you even begin.
Meaning skewed.
meaning, understanding changes over time for the author/artist/creator.
Has gods creation of humanity brought him a new understanding?
Have the rules of the universe changed and adapted?
What is our understanding of the universe? Of time?

Confused, some-times, completely lost.

-That should be my new word.
Not the word “WRECKED” like those idiot jocks, repetitive reiterations. I get it.
I want to say “hoot”.

Adele T. The psychic, tele ad.
Unrealistic Conversational Hesitation.

Burn toast. If you have to.
The smell is wonderful the outcome is carcinogenic.
But isn’t everything? The labels on the U.S.A’s food seems to warn so.
PLACEBO – “Its a race, a race for us to die”…

Can you be FAT and own a dog?
Take the dog for a walk.

this god.
Two common brain-type-switches of mine. Kills.

“Skinny on the outside, fat on the inside”
“fat on the outer, fat on the inner” – those are the times.

Don’t drink. You lose.
You fall behind on all the small activities and tasks you need to achieve.
Your motivation.
Your late nights.
The panorama of your world.
The octopus of your body.
Impossible. Clone yourself.
One Direction. WHICH IS WHAT?!
Learn,,,,, focus.
No sleep, stress your brain. Part time thing.
Fluctuate. How you look outwardly.
Your inner self. Will he or she shine through.
You have to do these things for yourself.
Don’t take drugs. Or do. If they work.
Don’t EVER let yourself slip into contentedness.
The filthy feeling.
After sucking the juices from fingers.
Chicken’s gone. The turnmoil and disgust begin to rise.
The negative effect of energy.
The mindset of the cooped up chicken?
*yes girl, hunch shouldered, depart. LEAVE THE ROOM.
We’re talking about family. Where are you going?
Did you return?

I find myself, forgetting recently completed activities.
How do I reassure myself?
Did I lock the door?
Turn off the stove?
Did I shower?
I haven’t eaten!
Once a day. Reassured.
Is my bike locked?
Where is my helmet?
Do I have more energy than other people?
Is my complete output bullshit.
What do you want to do?
Write childrens books.
Morals. What are they?
Ethics? Not in the western world.
Our education didn’t include that.
How can I learn about anything?


Who is that guy?
Patrick. Fish. Phish. Patrick Hall.
Did artwork with books.
Read into it.
Furniture. Don’t be afraid people. Don’t spend.
Adventure, find, creative, create. Build. Get the wood.
Just hammer and nails. SCREW IT.

“what’s the face?
Why is that the common expression on someone’s face recently out of the bathroom”.
– Dare you to invent a story.
No. Don’t share it. Nobody likes where your mind has gone. WE are afraid of you and your thoughts.
Why take us on this adventure?
Shared adventure for comedies sake. Let there be no fear. Everyone share.
Sometimes there are brilliant moments.
Never mind the blabber.  The insight of saying one thing and comparing it to another.
It can be done and what it reflects if how you’ve lived.
You are alive after all, just share. See what bubbles to the surface.
Jargon, nonsense, idols, trinket ideas, underlaying points of view, angels, demons and debate outstanding.
THE INSIGHT. go for it.


No wait PHISH. He doesn’t spell check? Imagine the freddsom of just follongiwn on from what you have written. WHat is that?
Close enouhgt jsuust writer as you make mistakesas try to type as quiocly as you can and just dont dcrooes correct what you meant to say if it was important that youtherTHEN you wouldn’t have made the mistake. Some errors surely occur as your mins mind wanders, forgets. Typing is so postmodern. Maybe you’re just not a very good typer.
Its been a while i’ll admit. Hahah I mean I quit warcraft, the community of people sitting around slaying dragons, all plugged in completeing quests, diligently having fun, getting items. Its like a reflection of the ludicrous world we live in.
Pointless? Really. FUCK YOURSELF.
Obviously I miss it.
But I’d also love to get really fit. And maybe life happily into my 50+’s.

They get black through artificial means?
What;s the percentage.
Picked before their time.

If monkeys were round people’s arms?
Interpretation -What would they grab while we went about our business?
People compared to monkeys. What do they grab at that we don’t.
That cliche moment where hands touch.
Calamari vs Squid. Tell me more.

Ask a question.
Or say nothing.
Be aware.
Give positive signs.
Don’t be closed or shy. Be blank.
Revert to saying nothing until something worth saying arrives to your mind.
OR in a talkative state,
ask questions. Double fire, triple fire questions.
Bang Bang Bang…
“you said 4 shots”.
Ask until you have something funny to say.
Dig it, for hoots.

Thanks. Thankyou. THANK YOU.
What are they.
Anyway moving on.
“I do appreciate this insightful point”
+Picture This Shit+
Ordinary mind on an ordinary day.

GENIUS. Altered states. The change, constant.
The fluctuating human spirit.
The constant multiplied personalities.
I haven’t eaten.
I had a late night.
I tossed and turned.
I’m thirsty.
My Dad died.
We rarely align.

Can we only have fun with these strangers when we don’t know them and don’t want to know?
Or is it that we can have fun once the mutual mood has been established.
How long does it take for the tendrils of our mind attach, link and dance.
Fun. *Find my tone*

I may have addressed this.
DOUBT DD in address throws me.

Are people seeking instant gratification because of social needs. Aspects to higher standards.
-Today’s thought on this: Could our connectivity detract from our ability to create and be happy with ourselves?
My room. Its mine. My happy place. But I want a desk. I could make one… but I don’t have the time.

I just ate too many peanuts. PEA-NUTS. A A A. The A throws me, my english tells me its wrong.
Never wrote it when I was young I suppose.
Anyway, content in one way (not hungry, ate a lot) ALOT ALOT ALOT ALOT.
Make it a word. Or take me back and teach me. ALOT. I NEED A LOT OF PRACTICE.
What is a lot?
A… LOT, is a place. A space. A lot is lots. Lots is a lot. A lot. Allotted. ALL. It should be all lot.
Ate too many peanuts, I am not content.

Anyway, my obligations and organisation to see other people takes away from my alone time, and my creation and learning. How about we join up and build something? Create something. Have a good time. Have fun.

Oh my… How did I forget this?
I’ll look up this quote now.
The god that is google, “doing work”
No reference that grabs me, is so direct and appliable. Too many follow on.
I sit there with a smile on my face because… etc etc.
Guy, looked like he was an Ice Addict.
Talked and talked. Stimulated mind. Active. Intense.
Don’t touch my fucking bike.

I put a bell on my bike today. Fear me, I am man. I am never content, I am capable.

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