What i’m not

Subjective truth.
In the eyes of the beholder.
A beholder.
A monster.
Understanding vs truth vs belief vs representation.

I’m not much of a shirt starer” but that’s great.
I thought i’d heard them all.
People’s minds are different.
Experience grows and shrinks certain parts of the mind.

Is it possible to spend your entire life studying and learn every truth?
There is a list of things that are perfect sciences.
Defined, agreed upon. Calculateble. 1+1=2.
Whole numbers

Do we reject this strand of thought in postmodernism?
Do we exist? Can we ask this question with our organised human bias?
Or mothers and fathers, friends, associates… People.
Other people raised us.
Our ideas start.
Our view.
View of the world.
How we view the world,
Approach the world, and how the world sees us.
Sees us and our approach.
These differ.
Each person. Sees us different.
Agrees, disagrees, isn’t fussed.
Politely, if you please; tell me if you need to know every truth to further develope truths.
Use logic.
Can you apply your broad understanding to control and bring order to the chaos? Do you know, or do you believe? Are you a savant? Do you live certain truths?
Do you feel world or think the world.
Do you cry?
Or do you laugh.
Relax your eyes. Let your brain go wild.
See the world in blocks.
Basic didactic chaotic pixel planar fragmented and confused.
Not quite black and white. Some parts glossed over, other parts glossy.
Take off your shoes. Relax in the hammock.
Be content, but when the time comes for you to leave one place for another, make it a hunger for knowledge that drives you.
Fuel yourself as best you can.
Energise yourself with passtimes.
But seek truths.

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