Stick it to the man

Subjective truth.
Lets talk.
Isn’t it great that after much talking, a lifetime of it. You can guess other people’s words before they say them.
If they struggle with the words you can help them.
You nod.
You pull a face,
You avert your eyes.

You don’t want to get the wrong end of the stick…
The stick… is understanding.
This is a stick up.
This is a stick
The back stick.
Stick in the mud.
Stick insect.

Where has this colloquialism come from?
What does it mean?
Why did I just finish your sentence.
You stumbled with what you were saying, I filled in the blanks. I get it.
Do you know what that is? That’s attention.

Ok now I play a game with you.
It’s called abduction.
You talk, you pause briefly with what you’re saying and I try to say something.
It could be coherent, cohesive, correct, corresponding, correlative.
Or it could be counterintuitive. Wrong, brash, outlandish and pig-headed.

“Hey man I found a bracelet that I like, it has all whole bunch of utility, it has a screwdriver and an Alan-key and a nail file”
“wow man that’s not great if you think about it… I mean when do you need a screwdriver outside your own home, really”
“I suppose, but now you don’t need to worry about that because you just have them, there”
“Can you take them through airport security?”
“Ofcourse their safe, and that way you have them on you when you’re on the move, and if you’re in need”
“That’s pretty handy, but could it be seen as a weapon?”
“Not really its only the head of the screwdriver”
“Ok but what about the gun”…

… What gun.

“the gun utility”.
“are we still talking about the bracelet I want?”
“It doesn’t have a gun”
“Yes it does”
“No it doesn’t”
“Oh ok, why do you want one? What if you need to protect yourself?”
“from what”?!

From me abducting the conversation it seems.
Thanks for the insert.
Its like predictive text fail in the context of spoken language.

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