Saw Mitch today.
Study was good.
Eating wayy too much at the moment.
Putting away money makes you fat I have decided.
Some kind of work/stress/time to yourself/time on your feet/imbalance.

I don’t know what it is.
I hate being tired.
I like being in a rush?
I dislike it.
I think having to talk is pathetic.
I think oversharing is cactus.
Bullshit, vomit.
I believe that speech has changed online.
We are  in a new age.
Have we changed so much?
Can this new generation have the intellectual and “modern” thinkers that we have had in the past?
Woolf drowned herself in a lake. Stones in the pocket.
My god!
Ugly. Shallow-ness.
What is suicide? Does it define us?
Does the possibility of suicide make us all potential existentialist?
In its consideration can the duality exist.
Can you change this condition?
Is there anyone out there that SHOULD commit suicide?
What are the circumstances?
When someone stops contributing to the world?
When they are a drain?
When the joy of their life is null.
The goal of life is happiness, is turned away from.

What does this piqued persona reveal.
Who are the victims of suicide?
Is it the flipping of a coin and rolling a zero?
Is the problem labelled by us, the same as it is in “their” mind?
Can our group think possibly influence their outcome?
Could all of us make the change?
Is suicide was an all-powerful threat…
If, therein human life was truly given ultimate worth.
What do WE do? How can we protect others, ourselves, and this person from this feeling of want, need and ultimate finality before their time.
Is the shutting down of someone’s operating mind, though physical execution a choice?
The body feeds the mind, the mind tells the body what it wants.
Fresh fruit and vege. Meat. Salts, sugars, fats. You are what you eat.
Varied. Regulated. Consistent. Changing. Seasonal. Green. Yellow. Red. Blue. Liquid.
Snacks. Small. Inadequate. Whatever it may be. Your mind can kill you if you don’t treat your body right.
Your body can give up. Your body can break. Be careful in your mind. Be smart with your body.
Push limits. The limits of your mind. Your brain is a muscle; its complex and needs to be trained.
What can you train your brain to do? What can you get away with saying?

If you would like to be healthy.
If you would like to stay strong.
Choose and feed yourself.
Choose how you occupy your mind.
Feel the difference of your decisions.
Feel the different stages.
Be mindful of changes
Be aware of the demands of others.
Make the black and white calls.
Make your own experience.
Stay alive as long as your natural body allows.
Take advantage of this wonderful possibility.
Then compost.

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