Went to Zap tonight.
24 hour gym. Wrecked before bed.

Wondered about the anti-social/ unfriendly element.
The focus. The selfishness. The ego.
How I feel in such an environment.
Its interesting.
I wish everyone could go there and somehow have a good time.

Then I came home, ate some loaf that I made. Not perfectly cooked but ok.

Earl Grey and Rose combo is a work in progress. Re-infused =lovely, more rosey. So yeah better the second time round.

Think I might go the scullet in December.
Bald with curled or wirey sides. Get some supportive t-shirts.
“I am too bald, ’tis not of me she speaks”
“To Bald-ly go were no man has gone before”
“Bold or Bald?”
“Bald for a duck”
“Bald my eyes out”

I think it would be a good cause.
Maybe get some loud sunnies.

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