Night in!
Assignments need writing, roasted gutter apples need eating.
Reading Jane Austen’s Emma. The main character makes reference to only eating apples
that have been triple baked! Not double, like the posh people. (For hygiene’s sake). But THREE.
So I was walking along today and found two big apples in the gutter.
Hahah. What are the chances I thought. I live, love and laugh so hard I make myself sick.
Baked apples. Clutch!

Eggs and salad for B’fast!

Went for a huge jog today,
had coffee bought a book on feminism.
Checked out some artwork in North Hobart.
Play and won pool, cooked dinner
Went to work, and here I am.

Sunday brings more fun and games.
Radio silence on the old mobile phone.
Megan Washington has a gig on tonight but I might stay in and get an early night.
Seems like there are lots of kids out tonight, and the Uni student like me, but nothing like me are out and about I do-not-doubt!

Gotta plan Japan after monday and some other things too.
I’m technically on holiday so i’ll juggle a few things into my schedule.
No drinking from here on in!
Might see how much I can improve my bench press over this next month for a laugh.
My new iPod kicks ass.
I gotta thank my sister.

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