Lots of little jobs.
Its Monday. Feeling heavy.
Furry electric blanket.
Fire hazzard? That’s be an ironic way to go.
Coffee with Slayer today, the sun is shining.
Feeling stretched. Gotta change my weekend lifestyle,
Looking good is all about consistency.
The sun is rising earlier and earlier.
Need to complete a whole bunch of odd jobs.
Hope Eden is OK. Family- unique and grim.

Hair. Represents sexual power?
Hair is all part of the persona and facade.
Hair is poetic.
Hair can be short, long, straigh, wavy or curly.
Hair comes in all different shapes, styles and colours.
Men and women use hair to define themselves.
As a maleable object. It can be sculpted.
Fashion and class are two socially aspected ideals that may influence how a person wears their hair.
A bad day?
A bad hair day.
A good hair day!
Shampoo and conditioner.
Dye! Combs, brushes.
Don’t do anything to your hair for the rest of the year.
Haha that’d be a laugh.

Car for road trip needed.

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