Its tough

I feel the need to sit back and think.
What am i doing well at; what do I enjoy, how am I spending my time.
Accounting, you’re being difficult I can’t quite wrap my head around you. I need lessons; practice! Here I am though, not in te lecture. Deary me.

Shannon is down this weekend. I do hope to get my driving license today, that way I can be free to drive around and pick my boy up!

English i’m doing ok at. Feminism, Marxist theory, its all coming together. I feel like as ideas they are relevant but as the texts we’re reading are voluminous the glove does ‘t fit perfectly. Though the rose tinted lenses need be put on as practice.

Practice practice practice!

French i’m doing ok. I’d like to take a more active role in my learning. Tutorial groups are small and comfortable, i’m enjoying it.

I need to buy Storm a small gift.
God i’ve written some plain notes in the phone lately.
I think i’m smart; asking “what’s the difference between red and blue”.

Chess! Chess on the cards, playing that a bit. Its been exciting and I’ve been lucky. Looking for someone to teach me some more.
Bee feeling really great this week. I’m happy, just need a day to lie down and rest (Sunday here I come).

Make sure I get my assignments done. That is a must!

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