Sand Bear

Opposed to rolling in the deep
I weep, emotion tumbles bare.
Through eyelids these tears seep
To crash face down, into a heap.

The sand is dry,
Cry. And cry on your tears.
Years on, now and always why;
Haven’t you recovered Di?

Feeling raw, fell and stripped bare.
Bear of the sand
Turned about; here and there.
Hear of the day, by day – nightmare.

I cannot control you
My heart erupts with hurt.
Tumbling tumult, I curse you.
Days are just a few.

Life’s too short
I’ve been cordial too long.
Losing things is a lifelong sport.
Existence’s sorry sort.

The wind and changes;
No sands for time.
Overblown the ranges,
The danger of my rages.

Sand hill appears,
Overnight bear tracks-
Come and go like fears.
The wind and the sand-
Hide everything.

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