Free money

Advice: “you should just go up and kiss her”
And was listened to by nobody ever.

Idea: dip dyed hair

Teaching: Doobs French.

Yoga finished up this week, going to be taking up a lot of different things this week.

Went to the new salvos store; it was crap.

Saving money this month.

Its my birthday onthe15th.
Need to organise. BBQ? Pub? Poker?

Need to jog more, and shun social smoking.
Accounting practice, driving practice.
Things to do and do and do. Busy busy.

Hope Jon and Dec are well.

This month’s look has been a slow start. Giant t-shirts, rings and scarves.
Thought about dying my nails, growing a goatee thing.
So tired, still suffering from the weekend.

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