Sobbing Over City.

I, Cracked.
Rocking myself
Lurid thoughts

Tears in headlights
Sick with Grief
I, altogether wretched.

Shred by shred.
Seeking, wishing, away
Relief elsewhere but-
here. Hot faced.

Jaws locked, clenching
like a child
Teething; for people.
People I know.
and don’t. Can’t,
and won’t communicate.
A chill, exterior.

To my fiery
For no one in particular but me and my.
Faith in us, man. Hangs itself on;
my long, bounded and knotted list of questions.
Why All This?

I, tears cry.
Feeling rank afterward
Time hath past
Since, I was last undamned
Damn them, dam mine eyes.
In hell, let them boil.
Leaving nought but the dark,
Black Pitts. That in my heart
I have, and will again.
Now dry, sickly.
Sticky, crusted aftermath
of my distress,
and in-consolation I pity,
“Never again”
This is the cruel mind’s jest.
Play me an’er tune.

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