That’s my lot in life.
A LOT. Full plate,
Bitten off more than I can chew.
My life span.
Spanning more than your eyes can see.
Even if your eyes are too big for your head.
My history, my past, current and future.
What I say now,
At that instant is because of my past.
This culmination.
My body is living proof.
The human body is a memory,
Moving, Breathing.
Is it difficult? How fares your memory?
Each muscle worked,
Each scar,
The condition of your vital organs.
Do you smoke?
Did you take drugs?
Spend time in the sun.

Who did you spend your time with?
Who did you share your memory with.

In your youth did you work hard?
To what did you spend your earning?
Were you intelligent?
Did you plan your future?
Is our singular goal comfort?
Can we be comfortable without the feeling of UN-comfort?
Where are the people most important in your life?
Is your future in sync with the future of others?

Spoken words are echoed thoughts.
I feel I have the skill to break this idea.
I can tirade. Thoughtless, not noiseless.

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