At this moment in time.

It is important day and night to be mindful.
Of yourself and others.

Aspire to be a better person.
Look to others, seek out qualities you wish to emulate in yourself.
Seek to build yourself.
People see you for who you are.

How you hold yourself has been your choice.
The people that surround you are a result of your choices.

Perspire. Sweat.
Adventure and drink water.
Know that your body will need rest.
Change is constant.
Control is an illusion.

Direction is a choice.
Swim with the stream,
Against it,
or across it.
Life. Time line.
Direction, and change.

Observe your surroundings.
Be quirky. Be present.
Challenge people to be themselves is you’re unafraid of disclosing a glimmer of your own.

I wonder what Richard Branson thinks of Nuclear Power.
Do the benefits outweigh the negatives?
Calming words? Wisdom? Reality check?

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