Thoughts Lists

The Tour has begun!
In my idle state I want to write the first edition of TCT.
North, South, Sandy Bay, Battery Point, The West and honourable mentions.

My list is slow and my unease highlights my duality.
I am uncomfortable.
I tell hard truths, and rail against what I feel should be normal.

Scorn, shame, and torment my friends.
Pity, smirk and laugh my deranged laugh.
In the face of it all. Culture and life.

I need photos,
To declare pay,
Do yogo,
Organise uni,
Sort out a regime i’m happy with.
A positive, healthy cycle.

More good times.
Am I safe, what can I do.
The future is in my hands. Nooks holding books, need be sat in by idle boys with their idle minds.
Time flashed past him and he could only gawk.
I need more time, sport you’re a brain flip.
Bringing people together, should people be isolated?
Happy in their own world and company, I feel that is important.
I need time to think.
I still need time.
I need more time to think.
Hurry up and slow down.
Focus my world,
Money will come,
Steak today was delicious!

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