Be strong

The word strong, overused to uselessness.
But i mean it. But this but that.
Punish. Punish yourself. Self immolate. Find the words, hold nothing back. Talk over the top of perople, be your own version of a monster. Version?
Personify. Kill and drink blood, you need to energise. Babble.
The mail is here, connections. From the outside world.
Sweat! Stay hungry, do as you please, but stay focussed and motivated. Push boundaries, don’t get tied down.
Juggle adapt your. Brainhas. The ability for so much, you’re only limited by the walls you create. Sleep eat rest enjoy company of others have ideas be UNIQUE!
Create your own language, be a fighter pilot with your words and ideas,
Strong, maleable, wear gloves. Don’t get sick.
Become todays international man of mystery. Jog! Drink!
Bite yourself, see how much you bleed.
Your tongue is a whip, but it remains coiled, you choke on the coil.
Be poetic. Be succinct, accurate and real.
Become unreal. Challenge what you can.
If giventhe chance demonstrate! Remonstrate!
Bluff. Stay warm, bathe yourself.
Lie, cheat and exercise demons of others.
Become a demon.
Fix your phone,
Melt butter with your mind.
Travel to warmer climbs.
Delve to the centre of the earth,
Look inside yourself. Take it seriously.
Dig it.
Be a soul man.
Be the solder, that holds ya…
Friends together,
Resistant to nethers.
Believe in fate,
Hope that you’ll look back and the map of your journey is filled!
Crammed with junk like an old supermarket. Vegetables grown mouldy, new volatile creations. Spores and banana trees sprout. The colours!

SANDY! How was paris. The Taj in a sandstorm, what are the chances. New life.
I stare at you.
The others want you as a rebound. I am not that shallow.
I am a puddle.
But you shall not step in me. You only see a dark muddy reflection of yourself.
I will meld. There are ripples, splash, spatter, cool.
But your gale will pass.
Bit down on me and bleed from your gums. I am liquid.
No ozmosis will take me as a part of you.

My skin is dry, cracked and dehydrate’ rub into me a solution.
I go round. Not lost, not confused or bamboozled. The solution isn’t there. The waterfall is there but each time i go over, i drown, gasp, and stay afloat.
I await the true fall.
For now i’ll skip, out on gloves, explore and share.
Devestate me how you will, i’ll bounce back currant as ever.

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