Phone Notes

Been a big week!
I had a beer last week. Broke my non-drinking.
Been drinking home brew.
Shot down Bex.
Shot down Eloise.
**just friends girls**

Hanging with the gangs.
Feeling good. Strong even.
Eating lots, all the energy!
Need to catch up on some sleep.
Nude swim tomorrow morning. Going to be pretty cactus.
A fair bit of time on the cid train. All that sensory goodness.
Big love, touching shoulders giving hugs and respecting style.
Compliments and digging fashion.

Brainwaves of the over tired.
iPhone connected kettles. (Turn on the kettle before you’re home)
See through toasters, so you can judge the toast cooked-ness.

How do you become a great mountain bike rider?

You can purchase objects: blankets, clothes, food, phones, anything. But they wear out. You purchase them and they don’t really adapt or change. People do. People are exciting. People are priceless.

Bex said:
When I was young I went out so hard on the weekend I ended up calling monday “bucket day”.
Because you spend the whole day laying down in bed… or on the couch with the bucket.

The scary idea:
We need more and more of less and less and this is what we do and don’t get.

“There’s a jumper in every drink” – beer armour quote. Hilarious.

What do you call a really nerdy dog.

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