Hashtag B’list

Having moved back home and poromising myself to spend this year on guard- last night I was tested.
A great friend from Melbourne, her on the rebound came and stayed with me. I don’t know what she expected but i’m not that guy. “Rain makes me confused” who says that?

We have no history, just friendship. I feel I place emotional value in heightened physical relations. Don’t fucking come near me, I’m a mindfield of emotions that neither of us should have to deal with. If we have sex, it will get messy.

Enjoy my company, stay at my place, take a hot water bottle to bed, don’t expect anything that wasn’t there between us already. Furthermore think, don’t pry. If I knew the answers to your questions… Great. But do not surrender your common sense, do not ask for the sake of asking or filling the void. Bring positive energy, embrace my friends, chat to them.

“What do you want from this relationship?”
“I know you don’t want to commit and you want to keep it casual, but I need to ask what’s going on after us kissing last night?”
“You’re sexy”
“We can just be casual with benefits if you want”
“I’m going home soon…”
“I’m going soon”
“Hey yeah I stuck around, but i’m probably going soon”
“Just tell me when I should go”

-Leave me alone i’m here with friends.

Moving on.
Mountain today.
Dad’s home (sunburnt)

What’s the difference between a well dressed man on a bicycle and a poor man on a unicycle? A-tire.

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