Harold and Maude
Great movie!

Won pool,
Jogged. Ate lots.

Explained communication.
Still the model requires additional factors/revising I think.
Feedback breakdown.
Fully thought out chattering. (too smart for your own good; is beautiful)

The Oxford, proper and pronounced. Misunderstood less often.
Condescending tone. Well thought out though, considered.

Bought school books.

Went to LoTTPsyche. It was closed.
Fuck you Rosny.

The Tour de France is on soon.
I hope Mitch gets to see some stages.

I engaged in thinking about the senses today.
I really should come up with my 5 pinnacles.

But now i’m trying to think deeper. Which doesn’t make sense for critical thought to be properly executed.
I think i’m tired. Gotta try and sort my head out.
This winter has me pinned me as a fathead.
I need to bring myself on track.

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