Out your camera day.

After yesterday’s Yoga in the sun
And the poor night’s sleep.
My body was a ship-wreck.

Football today was tough.
Redeeming feature mind,
hanging with the boys was great.

I got a new car.
It’s green.
It goes.

I am a great driver.
After great success,
I rode my bike to West Moonah.

A suburb on the “up and up”.
After getting rather lost,
I watched the football.

Today lacked study.
But that’s the choice I made.
I’ll save it for the working week.

Lots of movies to watch, for TEFF.
Life is exciting. Things are happening.

Whenever someone speaks to me.
I take my time and think through my response.

I made coffee today,
Aeropress magic.

Have some self-respect.
I liken him to a parmigiana.
Beaten! Rolled flat.
Covered in bread,
Crummy cheese!
And a sauce that lacks flare.

Cooked, lifeless, tasteless and common.

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