Mrs you already

She could have been mine.
Tonight like any other>
Clear skies
Looks fine
We got eachother
Tumble to bed for a rise…

But I opened up.
My mouth, and I said.
I gotta ride my bike back.
She put down her cup
I was already going red.
Laughing, but she gave back black.

She was rad
From northcote she said:
Sot-of anyway. In a melbourne-rash way
It all aussie to me. I get that i’m one of you. I don’t hold you to shame.
I just wanted to be a spy tonight. Let my mind run.
Sit alone, no expectations. Pass on a good vibe.
Laugh, smile, observe. Agree. See what people wanted to be seen doing. Observe people -outside-
_doing_ “swanning around” Being seen in a scene, causing it, being a part of it.
I just wanted to witness and observe. I don’t have to share.
Hot water bottle at home, I just sat there in my chair.
I watched a guy, that looks like another guy, more famous than he.
I saw a friend of a friend, with a skinny light haired girl.
She was friends with the girl, that sat down next to me.
They were soul mates from the get go. “great”

“when are you going to kiss me”
“I’m not, I have to ride my bike home”

And she just let that role.

I tackled the top of a little creatures bottle, patiently I put the kids to bed.
Witnessing the guys, talking careers. Talking habits. Talking talking talking.
Wearing their clothes, spending their money, talking talking talking.
“I’ve given this up. It was hard. Women, Women, Women.”

_boys, boys, boys_ – talking about girls and a boy and a girl.

_small place, strange people, just regular people. PEOPLE._

people are people. 🙂

Communication. You don’t have to. It’s good for feel comfortable, specialise yourself. The most beautiful thing for me at this moment is my power to influence the people around me with a thought. To point, and people look.
To speak, and people listen. This power. Perception, understanding, influence.
Influence is optional. Understanding is inevitable. Perception changes.
Stimuli. Stimulation. The human form, our big brains. Fathoming great limitless ideas.
Equally being snagged on the unimportant. Forgetting the place. The “which way’s north from ‘ere”
The options. The array before you. The choices. The heard. The confusion. Straight legs, no laughter. Hoofs on cobbles, mud and blood from somewhere, a young ones face wet from tears, breath, hot and rising in a fog over each and every-massed-body, facing one way only, penned.

I laughed the loudest who’d have known.

I saw the gold-dragon. He’s looking well. He had some strange friends. I spied them, they spied me.
We’ll leave it there. We did.

I could ruin the moment, and chase that girl up. But maybe its better for her to realise the world works the way it does. People do these things. People act out. The most dramatic? Who can say. People not being true to themselves when their upbringing says the complete and utter to the otherwise. Contradictory actions.
Being your own devils advocate. What about your body? What about your halo, your angel. That child? That person.

People around you know you, some of them. The know of you. They know of your past. What does that change? How they face any situation. Turn the world on its head. I understand this, and this means you should be like this. Acting out, I’ve heard people say this, in my short life and my short memory this vague understanding is something I will say out loud in my own personal kind of way for others to hear.
we’ll all nod, inwardly. Yes, yes, yes.

I agree, that is acting out. I am part of this movement, we’ve all witnessed something. Maybe not maybe you need to share your ideas, gain followers to your cult. Maybe everyone will get onboard. Start a religion, like a tide, or something bigger, more encompassing. A religion like our very SUN is exploding. The world stops spinning, reality as we know it shifts. All fundamentals, from day one. Memories of the sandpit. Emotions, food from the teat. Cared for, nurtured, our choices, our situation ENCOMPASSED by this idea, this STAR. Exploding.

And this idea of yours, this judgement passed by you on someone else that everyone else seems to agree, in complete perfection. A view, a perspective, a thought, word for word, directly translated, absolute in its finality, the description personifying that moment, that thing about this person. YOU ARE YOU. I see them for who they are and how I will say they are is final. For that instant, you are right. You alone, stand unchecked in the universe.

You are either right, or you are wrong. You won’t know.

In asking, you may find out their view.

If it is shared, maybe you two and everyone else would have viewed it the same. This person, being.

If you ask, the moment has passed, How have you asked?
Why did you ask? To what ends do this effect you if you witnessed this person?
What is paramount to you? Where are you going? Why are you in this room,
What could you possibly gain from this situation?
Internal? External? Both.
The soul. The beauty of your own self amalgamation, that’s probably not the right world. Word…

The way you paint yourself. Self image. Dig it. Rad. Cool. Sick. Ok.
Move around, however you like. Be watched. Watch back
How do they handle it. What are we doing here?
Dig it. Don’t ruin the mood, don’t fuck with the situation.
Don’t over analyse. and if you do, do it with a smile. Bring the vibe up.
Smile, so they thing you’re mad? Made out to be a moron, strange, weird.
Typecast. I know your history. You’re an idiot. You’ll die before me.
You’ll be at my funeral asshole, crying or not, I don’t give a fuck.
I’ll be gone. Burnt, and then put in the ocean. A bit late for that!
I’ll be put in a box and buried. Forgotten. Last seen, under a soon to be parking lot 2026.
Buried. Do you know what that means. Why the fuck am I buried? Elevate me.
My corpse wasn’t elevated before. Get me up! Blast me into outerspace. Floating in space.
Frozen. Here lies Patrick, finally doing the vacuuming. hah!

Remember your time? Yeah 2015, that year. What happened? It was a year for: girls, girls, girls.
Macho, macho. I worry that i’ll become that. Meat headed. Evolutionary.
What is smart. Time spent, “getting it” “IT” stuff, other people don’t easily get.
Don’t take time to get. This GIRL got IT. And now everyone wants it. And if we get IT, even if we get IT in the most perfect sense. Like the Dubliners Rose, it will grow pale and sick.
So press it! squash it flat. Every last drop. Squeeze from it all you can. Because TIME. Time as most people know it, and I am most people. I am the most, MOST person. i’ve ever thought to try to meet, and understand.
My needs. My thoughts. This person. As I understand, just ask me. I’ll see if I confirm. But i’ll laugh, I gaurantee. What’s in it for you asking. For saying anything to me at all. Give. Receive.

I need to pee.

This is only the beginning…

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