Another Wednesday night in. Monday dinner is cancelled. 23 and going to the same fucking place each and every week is a joke. Kill yourself. Make connections with people that don’t look up. Cheap, crappy meals. How could that be good for your mind or build your body? Sell yourself short a little bit more.

Buy a black coffee and add some milk. Call it a jackson.
Its too fucking cold here.
I want my license, I want to drive away into the sunset. Maybe then i’ll be warm.

This weather, this cold, this moment in time.
Meditation, a bath, lack of sun. Has left me with a headache, a hunger for food, an irritation, a niggle. A want for something more, somewhere else with other people that appreciate, that beam up at me like I am their sun. A lifestyle I can appreciate.
Books to read, hammocks, beautiful people, adventure, pioneering discoveries.

Its not quite time.
I still haven’t found the right road.

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