You think you’re on a roll now.

Present me is kicking future me in the shins.
Got some serious due dates coming up.
Be afraid, be very afraid.
I’m on a roll.
Today I was sapped of energy.
These early mornings might be getting me down.
Not sure of the toll.
I feel the words and I in synergy
Trying to keep my feet upon the ground.

Had quality hangouts with mates
Made a hilarious pun.
Still got a week on THAT due date.
And one less on this one.

Time’s a fickle mistress.
One we all mistrust.
The mirror women must trust.
For just how much they stress.

Got my sister a bicycle today.
Played the volley game,
Watched the football.
I think Chelsea will beat Arsenal for the title tonight.
I cooked Pesto Pasta.
I made a boutique dessert.
I heard from dad:
“People often get bored in beautiful places”-
“Yet they are rarely bored in the desert”
(Oh yeah? Because cooking alive and drinking your own urine is entertainment of the highest degree I suppose)… I mean, dad is wize, wise even! He makes a valid point, he comes from a position of power, being my dad and having actually travelled the world extensively.
I kept my thoughts.

Brain feels its on the cusp of some sort of great discovery.
Like i’m about to discovery a brand new religion.
A dichotomy of my usual thinking.
I had a free sec today and looked up poetry.
How to further my understanding.
I wonder what the best example of consonance is?
I’ll google it later.
I need to polish up on my literary terms.
I need alot of things.
Je besoin des!

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