Eat and eat and eat

Give the body what it wants.

I’m exhausted.
I gave my body so much fuel today.
But now i’m done. Well and truly.

This morning’s jog was an inspired little exercise.
I found some bark on the running track:
Thought to myself “Someone’s been BARKing up the wrong tree”,
Thought I was so funny i’d stop jogging, scoop up an armful of bark and head home.
Home to write BARK puns… On bark.

What do DOGS and TREES have in common. They both BARK.
Way!!! I made that up tonight.

So I cut the bark into neat strips and wrote this in them.

Joan of Bark.
EmBARK on this pun adventure.
Playing on the swings, in the BARK.
BARKUDA – the fish.
BARK-OBAMA – the president
BARKwords. Tree language
BARK your car –  Get places the natural way
sBARKplugs – For your car.
BARKave – like bearcave I guess.

My sister brought to my attention this:
“Its all well and good laughing about it but how would you feel if someone peeled your skin off and wrote in it”.

Happy Sunday.

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