Easter by Car

Hours and hours and hours spent getting from one destination to another.
Camping, holiday homing, a chocolate from mum, a lesson in music from dad and
a whole lot of road passed under tread. Time for thinking, reading too.
Home to bad news which was no good. But life IS this way. It will all work out. Which is to say i’m feeling better.

“He laughed the loudest who’d have known.”

Some quotes and thoughts in form. Unabashed and strictly as they come to mind:

“A yawn is a silent scream for coffee.”

“Its time to leave. I’ll be your Adam, if you’ll be my Eve”

“Next time you go to the hospital just be careful, people die there all the time.”

In answer to your question… FACETATTS. (I wish I didn’t ask)

The Bay of Fires , what a farce. What a flop.

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