Inspired or not?

Ideas in your head are great
But not all of them make the grade
Your proposals are a state!
Look what you’ve gone and made.

Movies, Books, Paintings, Buildings.
Words! Doors!
They are flawed.

The ideas people have,
The world around us
The creations, of the creative mind.

Structures for example. The majority of people are “qualified” in that regard,
tempered by society, well read in their field. Ideas chewed over at the dinner table, or in the lounge room eating. Infrastructure, it makes sense. Most of the time. Ofcourse it has to, it has to be “safe”. So thats a good idea. Lets build it.

There are plenty of ideas out there. Plenty of designs. The ones that spring to mind are the ones that are pretty good on the whole. PENCIL – yeah that was a good one. Good idea, whoever came up with that one. Nice one. Quality design. How the fuck did you get that lead in that wood? Anyway BRILLIANT.

Bowls, spoons, yes food. Food for thought. More good. Feed the brain.
Cups! Bottles. All very nifty.

Movies. Oh dear, now we’re slipping. VHS! DVD! BLU-RAY… All fantastical ideas. That mode and medium for explaining and sharing, who could knock the way that television has enabled us to learn and share ideas without leaving the comfort of our own houses. It’s brilliant. Isn’t it? Isn’t it…?
I suppose with the huge influx of information in the modern world (I wanted to spell it welled just then)- I suppose we can pick and choose what we learn about. The info is right there. Just sit down, make a cheese toasty [another gem] and LEARN, find out other peoples’ ideas. Information stored! It’s like an interactive book. The television.

But hang on. Some of the plot lines of those movies… Which was my point that I missed making above. People came up with movie plots. People. Other people just INVENTED those images. That info! That V-for-Vendetta, Solaris (with Clooney: that bastard, of a film). What i’m saying is there are ideas, they are made into things. And most(?) are good, some at bad.

People are different. My tastes, literally are different to every single person in the world. My one experience of one thing would be experienced differently by 7billion other people in the world.
Physical taste different. Musical tastes, my ears hear differently, my brain understands differently. Inherently we are all similar, but the sound I hear – ONE SONG, and any song at any one time is different.
The emotional responses triggered!
All the innumerable avenues that your mind experience with each and every THING that you witness, and “live” at any moment is different is different.

There are more songs recorded at this moment in time than you will ever have time to listen to.
One life, too many songs. I’m so sorry. I listen to placebo over and over and over again. I know and love the lyrics; old and new. I wonder if that is time wasted.

So ideas! Some are good, some are bad and its in the eye of the beholder.
People say that anyway. Its a cliche.

Decision are made. Political decisions, because people get together and share their way of thinking.  What they’ve witnessed and experienced.
Views of the world, idealised(?) or otherwise and they share, people share and make a call.
Starting with:
“I think”
“I would like”
“I hope”
“we all”
“you have”

Last year my goal was to stop saying I hope. I wonder now if that was a good idea, it didn’t make much of a ripple in my life. Just a word choice after all. I never gave up hope, I just think the world over uses it. I would like to see people use “hope” sparingly. Hope can be your religion. Hope can have no strings attached, its communicating a prayer to someone else.
Use it when you feel it. Acknowledge when you receive it, whether its just a ripple or a great wave. Let hope wash over you. We all hope this life will amount to something.
And I’d like to think that we have a hand in our plunge forward, into life.

“Have a hand”, sounds godly doesn’t it.
Not all ideas are good was my point before. Everyone can say that, but not everyone can agree which is which.


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