Hey Body

Fighting something at the moment.
Feeling well and truly in the bin.
Been on the academic wagon lately,
Struggling to find that balance between education, sunshine and happiness.
Feeling old. To rise tomorrow at 7. Me oh my!
I’m blaming all this on the fact I used a public toilet today.
Disgusting. haha

I thought to myself as I sat and read profanities on the closed door.
“If everyone wrote in toilet cubicles, there would be no room eventually”
“Where would the original cubicle writers turn?”
There are puns to be had there, but i’ll safe it up for a later date.

I’m concerned with my motivation for university at the moment.
A business degree! What a wonderful idea, I need to be practical and more hands on.
I need to work harder and save, I need to learn by doing.

I must practice French for my test in 2 days.
How would you say “freaking out” in French?
I don’t know…

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