Gel out

Put a pen between your teeth horizontal like.
You’re body will tell you it’s smiling.
But we all know you aren’t
The same thing that makes you a poor human makes me a rich person.
Like the tongue that seeks the missing tooth.
You yearn for your extracted youth.

(I cried later) its true, its not enough for me.
So I thought.
And here it will stay
Until someone cleans & scrapes,
All these thoughts away.

A word that makes me-
melt, reshape myself.
A word with knowledge that knows no bounds!
Knows intelligence!
O’Slayer explain me the difference again.
Hot so that it burns if you touch it before it settles.
Flakes if you try to polish it.
A scab.
I! Me! I want infinitesimal know-all.
Let on; the lure of one.
To be everything you and I need right now.
Wouldn’t that be reassuring?

Let me try and be.
Let me BE!
Let me try-
For there isn’t time in all the swirling skies for me to know it all.

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