Vision, Hearing, Taste, Smell, Touch.

I’d like to buy some pleasant scents for my room.
Or should I save my cents.
Incense isn’t cheap you know.
I think I sense where this is going.

The Human.
The Planet.
Our co-existence.

This person hears only nearby sound.
My person sees – From the top of a mountain: A treat, to see so far.
Let us be gluttons! Taste all flavours! All at once if we can. Laugh and grow fat.
Contact my hands and know the feel of touch.
May I overdose on smell. Rain on warm cement, old washing. Tell me brain can I smell everything there is. Will I find bliss in smell? May I fill my room with smelly things. A tangle. A mess!
Choose to be enveloped? Offended with contrast or push the boundaries; a euphoric enfilade of pleasant perfumes.

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